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    The Data-Driven Institute

    Using Data For Social Good and Positive Change

  • Vision

    A world free of public health issues.

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    There is a lot of data being generated on the current state of our environment. Our task becomes finding the data that is relevant for your situation.

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    Combining macro level data with the local data, from obvious and non-obvious sources, will provide you with the tailored insight that is critical to understand your city, county or country and that is a necessary to successfully address your top concerns.

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    Getting the insight to the right influencers and decision-makers enables more informed, data-driven decisions on different pathways to a solution.

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    Recording the context, the approaches taken, and the observed outcomes can provide a blueprint for others that need to address similar problems.

  • Mission

    To catalyze and accelerate the process of solving public health problems, using the best approaches and data from around the world.

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  • Strategy

    At the core, the Institute will leverage the right data and approaches, in the right context, at the right time, to create the right solutions.

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    Discovering and documenting the best practical approaches and data sets for solving a core set of public health issues.

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    Working with communities to apply data and best practices to solve local public health issues; tailored for and by them.

  • Services

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    Perform current state analysis of existing programs and initiatives to extract insight. Find relevant data and technologies that should be brought to bear.

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    Develop strategies and action plans that are influenced by community feedback, relevant data sets, and proven mitigation strategies.

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    Develop data tools and technology that enable the smooth and timely execution and monitoring of the program and policy recommendations used to solve the targeted problems.

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    Provide user-friendly mechanisms for getting community input.

    Create and execute the outreach, communication and feedback plan for program success.

  • The End Result

    Policies, Programs, and Supportive Tools That Are Effective Solutions


    Laws set out the rules that define our social contract with each other. Having the right policy in place can be difference between a toxic environment that exacerbates a problem and a healthy environment that supports a healthy and prosperous community on the path to problem elimination. Our goal is to help you craft the most effective policy.


    Programs outline the strategies and paths that we want to take in resolving problems. They also define the role that we want the larger community to play in helping with these issues. Our goal is to ensure that you define programs that will yield the desired outcome.

    Supporting Tools

    Data and technology play an important part in ensuring that you are on the right track, that the voice of affected communities is heard, and that you can respond to system changes in reasonable timeframes.